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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

When you encounter a stranger, see him as you would want God to see you - with pure and unconditional love. We live because God chose to place us here, not because of some random cosmic interactions. When you look at me, see me as a creation of God, not as someone who differs from you. I urge you not to focus on the color of my skin, but to direct your attention to my character. Remember that a righteous man who happens to be black is, first and foremost, a righteous man.

I belong to no one except my creator. No one of this earth is truly capable of knowing me or judging me.. I may not possess what you perceive to be physical beauty, but try to find spiritual beauty within me. I may not have the highest IQ, but try to understand that my light will shine in other ways. I may not share your heritage, but I am neither greater nor lesser than you. I may not possess monetary wealth, but my coffers are filled with the riches of the ages. All these things come to light when we become lovers of mankind. When we choose to follow the path of love, I believe we then become more attuned to our spiritual side and focus far less on the physical being that constrains us.

When we allow love to wrap its arms around us, it is then that we become one with God. But when we selfishly embrace greed, hatred, and lovelessness, we become slaves of the flesh. It is then that we allow evil to control us. Flesh seeks only to satisfy itself. This quest for satisfaction contributes immeasurably to the problems we face here on earth. Godly love is the only solution. It is imprudent to believe otherwise.

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