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I want to love-to give of myself in a loving way to make this world a better place for mankind.  To me, it just seems so much more natural to love.  It requires no effort on my part.  It's there within all of us, but so many of us bury it beneath layers of disappointment, pride, ego, prejudices and heartbreak.  Don't hide your love.  Exercise it.  Allow it to stretch you to your highest levels.  If you do this it will do magnificent things to you and for you.  Love cannot be owned, but allowing it to own you will make your life so much richer.


Learning to Love

April 24, 2019

Learning to Love is the title of my latest book.  But even more, it is a concept that urges mankind to stop tolerating hatred.  We need to focus less on our differences and concentrate on peacefully sharing this planet God bequeathed us.


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